5 Questions to Ask Before Signing the Lease

Whether you’re looking at luxury apartments in Pittsburgh or apartments in North Oakland near the area’s top universities, you should never sign a lease without acquiring certain information. Signing one blindly can leave you legally and financially responsible for things that are unjust and unfair. Before you put your signature on the dotted line, make sure your potential landlord answers the following questions:

Can I Get Everything in Writing?

As anyone who has ever skimmed a lease knows, they tend to be long enough and boring enough to put even the most enthusiastic readers to sleep. Still, even though they often involve many pages, they might not contain all of the pertinent information.

If you notice that your lease is missing out on certain elements – perhaps it doesn’t state that the pet deposit is refundable, or maybe it doesn’t stipulate that the cost of rent is locked in for the duration of your stay – be sure to acquire the missing information in writing. Receiving the information verbally does nothing for you in the event that you will need to fight for your rights.  So make sure you get it on paper, just in case.

What Happens if I Break the Lease?

You’re probably not signing a lease with the intention of breaking one, but things happen. There’s always a chance that you’ll need to move before your lease is up. This is why it’s important to know about the cost of ending your contract prematurely. Some apartments have stiff penalties and others don’t. Some apartments also have no penalties for military personnel who break their lease as a result of being deployed.

Is this Lease Accurate?

Landlords can be dishonest and try to get more money from you, if given the chance. According to US News, there are reports of people who were told they were signing a year-long lease only to find out they were locked in for two years.  This is why it’s vital to go over your lease with a fine-tooth comb. Pay particular attention to the numerical data: the cost of rent, the amount of time you’re agreeing to stay, and your security deposit. If the lease is inaccurate, don’t sign it until it’s fixed.

Is a Manager Nearby?

Another question you should ask before signing a lease is in regards to the manager’s location. If you’re looking into apartments near the University of Pittsburgh, for instance, a manager being nearby can be an asset. In the event things break, leak, or just stop working, a nearby manager can help get things back in order. So, before you sign a lease, ask whether or not help is on the way.

Are Pets Allowed?

People who own pets don’t like to part with them. Thus, if you’re relocating to a new apartment, be sure Fido and Fluffy are welcome. If they are, inquire about the monthly pet fee (most places have them) and the pet deposit. Also be sure your type of pet is allowed. Some places only allow dogs or cats, while others have a size limit.

Aside from making sure that your lease is in order, you will want to make sure you choose the perfect apartment for your lifestyle needs. With so many Pittsburgh apartments available, choosing the right one can be a tough choice. Let the staff at Sterling Land Company guide you toward finding the perfect apartment for your living needs. Choosing one of our Pittsburgh apartment rentals places you in the heart of Pittsburgh’s most distinguished neighborhoods, merely footsteps away from the city’s top attractions. At Sterling, we truly believe that apartment rentals shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution, find the luxury apartment rental perfectly suited for you and your needs and browse the residential properties of Sterling Land Company today!

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