5 Tips to Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

Whether you are moving into your first apartment rental in Pittsburgh, or are simply moving to a new apartment—you may be searching for ways to make your apartment feel more like home. While there are many limitations as to the extent of improvements you can make within your apartment, there is much you can do to make it feel more like home.

Invest In Colorful and Functional Window Treatments

An excellent place to begin is to invest in colorful and functional window treatments. Even if your apartment comes standard with mini blinds, or basic curtains—they are likely to lack in personality. On top of that, they may not do an adequate job of managing light or cold weather during the Pittsburgh winters. Consider investing in decorative floor-to-ceiling curtains, colored blinds, or even light and airy curtains that allow the air to shine through—while providing you with a bit more privacy.

Update the Walls

Most apartments are painted in a standard white or off-white, and if you are lucky may have some built-in moulding. While white and off-white are certainly neutrals, they may not leave your apartment feeling like home. To make your apartment more comfortable, consider painting the walls or adding a decorative wallcovering. While not all of the apartments for rent in Pittsburgh will allow you to paint your walls—there are a multitude of temporary wallcoverings for you to choose from. This includes anything from a simple runner, to a large decal that doubles as a wall art—to floor to ceiling wallpaper. If you are fairly unfamiliar with wallpaper, you may be surprised at the selection of modern colors, patterns—and even textured options available to you.

Invest in Area Rugs

Whether your apartment rental in Pittsburgh has hardwood floors or carpet—adding area rugs can help to make a room feel cozier. Your area rugs will not only complement your personal sense of style—but will also help to drown out noise from the floor below, as well as keep your feet toasty warm. If multi-colored area rugs are not your cup of tea, head to your local flooring store and take a peek at their solid color carpet remnants. Carpet remnants are not only inexpensive, but often provide you with cushier carpeting. If you will be adding a carpet remnant or area rug to wood floors, make sure to get suggested carpet padding to protect the floors from scratches.

Invest in More Lighting

A common area of opportunity in many apartments is lighting. Lighting may be either too bright, or too dim. There are a multitude of ways you can combat your specific lighting issues, a few to consider include:

  • Hanging string lights for ambiance
  • Investing in table lamps
  • Investing in floor lamps
  • Investing in wall lamps that do not require an electrician

Break Rooms Up Into Zones

Another thing to consider when looking for apartments for rent in Pittsburgh, is how each room will be utilized. While each apartment has a floor plan that indicates the living room, dining room, and bedroom—you may not use the rooms as the floor plan suggests. For example, you may choose to use the dining room as a second bedroom—meaning that the living room becomes both the dining room and living room. Even if you will be using most rooms, as suggested, you may choose to include a home office in your living room. Just make sure that each area of the room is broken up into clearly defined—yet free flowing zones.

Use one or all of the five tips above, and your Pittsburgh rental will feel like home in no time at all! If you’re still looking for the Pittsburgh apartment rental of your dreams, look no further than the residential properties for rent from Sterling Land. Featuring luxury apartment rentals in Pittsburgh’s North Oakland and Shadyside neighborhoods, our properties provide an elegant solution to your living needs. If you’re looking to live in luxury and style, contact Sterling Land about their available apartment rentals in Pittsburgh today!

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