Apartment Hunting for Two: What to Look for When Moving in with Your Partner

If you’re searching for Pittsburgh apartments as a couple, your needs will differ from those of single apartment hunters. While this experience may be confusing if it’s your first time living with a partner, cohabitation can yield a broad range of rewards. By considering a few important factors before you choose a place and sign a lease, you may avoid some potential pitfalls that might otherwise lead to stress. Be sure to discuss as many of your individual requirements and preferences as possible when you start your search for the perfect abode, so you each have a good idea of what type of place will work well for both of you.

Start with a List

The first step you might take is to create a list of your priorities, both as individuals and as a couple. If one of you needs space in which to work when you’re at home, then a place with an extra bedroom may be the best option. List the features that are most important to you, such as a dishwasher or plenty of closet space. Once you have each contributed to the list as much as possible, use the contents of the list as a starting point to discuss which needs and wants are doable and which ones may not be practical. You should both be prepared to make some compromises in order to find a home that makes the two of you happy.


Consider Your Future Goals

Now is the time to consider the goals you have as a couple. If you plan to have children soon, then you may want to look at Shadyside Pittsburgh apartments that can accommodate more than just the two of you. Additionally, you should ensure that the places you’re viewing allow children and offer amenities that are kid-friendly (such as an on-site playground or parks nearby).

Other future goals may not be as major as having children, but they are still worth some thought. If you plan to have pets, make sure that this is a possibility. If you want to buy a washer and dryer, ask whether the hookups for such appliances are available. If one of you may be forced to relocate for work, then committing to a two-year lease is probably not a wise choice.

Explore the Neighborhood

Shadyside is a great place to live, but don’t forget to explore the specific locations in this Pittsburgh neighborhood that you are considering. If you both have vehicles, you’ll need to pay attention to the parking options around any potential apartment. When you view a residence, take a walk around the block and take some time to drive through the neighborhood. Making sure the community is a right fit for your lifestyle is just as important as choosing the apartment itself.

Financial Details and the Lease

Financial details are an essential aspect of any lease, and they will have an effect on your apartment search as a couple. Remember to discuss your individual credit records, rental history and other crucial factors before you begin hunting for apartments for rent in Pittsburgh. Calculate your combined incomes, so you know exactly which rental range is realistic for you. If one of you has a highly flawed financial history, then the other partner may need to serve as the only name on the lease.

Living as a couple can be a wonderful experience. Once you make a list of your priorities and discuss them with each other, you should have a good sense of what kinds of Shadyside Pittsburgh apartments will meet your needs. Finding the perfect place is worth a little work and planning, so take some time now to explore the possibilities.

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