Pre-Moving Tips to Make Moving Day a Breeze

There is a universal dread of moving time which is shared by anyone who has ever endured the process, and anyone who is planning to do it. This is an understandable phobia, of course, because there are literally endless details associated with any move, and details which are overlooked or handled improperly can significantly add to the chaos. It doesn’t really have to be that way though – with some forethought and planning, moving into a new Pittsburgh apartment can actually be a fairly smooth process, if not quite clockwork. Here are a few tips on how to dispel some of the dread surrounding moves into new Pittsburgh apartments.

Starting Your Apartment Search

This is of course the first step involved in any move – searching for apartments in Pittsburgh that will suit your needs. In order to avoid problems later, it might be worthwhile to jot down a list of requirements you’re looking for, and if you really want to be thorough, you can make two lists – one for features you must have, and one for features that would be ‘nice to have’. For instance, under the ‘must haves’, you might want to jot down a particular location, proximity to a grocery store, or garbage disposal system. Under the ‘nice to haves’, you’d really love to have an indoor sauna or a fitness room on the premises.

If you’re looking for luxury apartments in Pittsburgh, it would be to your advantage to contact a realtor who can help you track down a place which has all the amenities you’re looking for. Searching on your own might be more fun, but it will almost certainly take longer, and will be far less comprehensive than the service a professional could provide.

Sorting & Packing Your Belongings

Moving time is a good time to think about discarding some things that you don’t really want to clutter up your new digs with. When you start looking through all your clothes and other possessions, be thinking about whether or not you really want to take each item along. When you are several weeks away from moving, pack only non-essential items like decorations and knick-knacks, and ignore daily use items until closer to move time. If you don’t have packing materials like boxes, tape, and markers, pick these up from a department store or moving company.

Moving Can Be Tough, Have Help On Hand

If you plan to have friends assist with the move, contact them well ahead of time to make sure they keep your planned date open. If you’re having professionals do the move, give them plenty of notice as well, to avoid missing out on your preferred moving time.

Have Your Arrangements in Order

Your current landlord will need to be notified that you don’t intend to renew your lease, and utility companies will have to be apprised of the move so services can be switched over to the new address on the date you’ve chosen. Put in a change of address with the postal service, and do the same for any companies you do business with and which send you correspondence.

Getting Yourself Ready for Moving Day

When you’re getting close to your moving date, say within a couple days, you should be arranging for any plants or pets to be safely transported to the new place. Start clearing out your freezer and fridge, secure your valuables for the move, gather your important documents and safeguard them, and pack yourself an emergency kit of essential items you’d need if you got separated from all your other possessions.

If some or most of these recommendations are adopted prior to moving time, a great deal of the confusion and dread can be removed from the moving process. No matter when you intend on moving, don’t do so without first checking the available Pittsburgh apartments for rent from Sterling Land Company. Home to luxury apartment rentals in Pittsburgh’s most sought after neighborhoods, you are sure to find an apartment perfectly suited to your living style. Start living better today, find your next apartment with Sterling Land Company!

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