The Grad Student Survival Guide to Life in Pittsburgh, PA

Adjusting to graduate life after college can be difficult, especially when you throw finding a new apartment in the mix. Grad students who are new to Pittsburgh are apt to be curious about what to expect out of graduate student life, as well as how to fill up your time away from school. By exploring these details, you will be more confident and prepared to handle your first semester of graduate school in Pittsburgh.

Living in Pittsburgh

If you’re new to the Pittsburgh area, you may be delighted to discover that finding relatively affordable housing is much easier than it is in most other locations across the U.S. can find a spacious home that serves as an ideal backdrop for your busy graduate student lifestyle. Whether you prefer to live alone or in the company of others, you will be able to choose from a variety of appealing options – from Oakland to Shadyside to Squirrel Hill.

Transplants to the region should be aware that the weather changes seasonally. You’ll need both warm and cold weather clothing, but with the changing weather comes an assortment of outdoor activities. You can spend your weekends biking and hiking along trails with plenty of parks and wooded nature trails worth exploring.

Getting Around the City

One of the perks for students at some of the local colleges is having access to public transportation at no charge. Such students may ride the public transit system for free any time. This also includes riding trolleys, buses, and inclines within a certain area. Many students walk if they are within a reasonable distance of their school.


Getting Acquainted With Your School

If you’re new to the school, and especially to the area, you may want to go to an orientation meeting for graduate students. This will help you to become acquainted with both your new school and graduate life. You may learn crucial details that may make the initial semester much easier to navigate – so try not to miss the opportunity.

Differences Between Undergraduate and Graduate Life

Your life will be somewhat different as a graduate student than it was when you were an undergrad. You may not have as many classroom hours as you did previously, and your schedule may not be as structured as it once was. This may cause you to experience some new stress as a result of the initial adjustment period.

While you may have fewer hours in your class schedule, your instructors will be likely to have higher expectations than they did when you were an undergraduate. You will most likely require more study time, and need to be more self-disciplined as a graduate student.

Pittsburgh for Graduate Students

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Graduate school should be taken seriously, but you will also need time to relax and socialize. Pittsburgh is a great city to enjoy social acitvities. If you’re new to the area, you will likely be impressed by all the possibilities that Pittsburgh has to offer. You’ll have a broad selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and night spots from which to choose.

You can visit some of the most popular local attractions, such as the incline at Mount Washington (the view of the city is stunning). Another favorite is Phipps Conservatory in the Oakland neighborhood, which boasts an amazing botanical garden and breathtaking glass house. A must see!

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll never be bored while living in Pittsburgh. You’ll be able to attend games at a variety of stadiums and playing fields. The city is home to several professional teams, from baseball to hockey to football. No matter the time of year, you can always find a sporting event to attend.

Remember to explore some of the museums on your days off. The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh comprise four unique museums. If you’re juggling parenthood with grad student life, you won’t want to miss taking the little ones to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Additionally, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest library systems in the United States and definitely worth a visit.

Pittsburgh is a great place to go for grad school. The area offers a broad array of colleges and universities. In your time off, you may appreciate a wide range of local activities and attractions in Pittsburgh, PA.

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